środa, 16 listopada 2016

I wrote recently about the free-to-practice

I wrote recently about the free-to-practice

Today I learned about the contest relating to the practice to win

and as far as I was curious

illosci of large companies which propose to paid internships this year, during the offer free of charge practice

and we can not explain it?

No easy this competition is an opportunity to catch the best elements of Polish Mlodosci giving them some money

I was more widespread (longer wrote ....)

but do not give advice

I will say only this list of companies that a lot of these companies propose to practice free of charge during the year

I think for example about there any French companies ...

Szcerze saying:

These people from the HR and the finasach BIORA us for morons ????

For example, CC Poland nierzmy company which makes large profits or such So. or what else, HE AC Niel (part Justyna ...)

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