środa, 16 listopada 2016

- Yes Raf

- Well, Jacek what are you listening for? All right?
- Yes Raf ', I thought about something and recently wrote a short text I send it to you Email at.
- Cool

If you want to work in August to seduce someone, it's not just about teeth look nice. Other things are also important, and it is "being satisfied, a happy and to love life despite wsyztsko. Often forgotten in the fact that we ought to love our lives by liking someone else. To the right of someone to like, you need first to like. First of all, not everything has to be OK us to feel happy. It does not have to be circumstances ktroe exhibit whether you are happy or not, try to just be ... naturally prosper .... indifferent at. Being negative in bad times nothing you can not. Life is short, shorter than what you think and just make good use of it.
And what I noticed? often the guys are Neoi prosper because they do not have a partner ...
Biedulku just ...
This does not mean that if you will be with someone, they will look much better feel ... even such a situation testifies to the lack of balance ....- Partner is a big thing ... but not wsyzstko in life.

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