środa, 16 listopada 2016

Loneliness? I do not know

Loneliness? I do not know
Loneliness is jedenz the problem of our society, often hear it around me no but I'll try to go further today and propose a solution to fight przezciw loneliness.
Loneliness is not a shameful disease, talk about it with your family, with your friends, with your dog, the better you will be radium
Collect items as a hobby (cans of beer, dry mushrooms, disc Fogg), you can never feel alone when something will collect you so bad?
Try belief will you better Watch diary of 19 and 30 idea how many people does it. Already you are not so lonely Watch a program, for palentow Saturday night: It will be you even more!
Save in the club and for the fans cheer some sort of opposing team, or will set fire to cars judge or meet new people! If you do not like sports, go to Mass and find out things about your neighbor and maybe even about yourself,
Tell me about your hair with the Zohan, about the shoes from a cobbler, with blacks from berecikami about liberalism with Lepper ...
You can talk to a guy from work
You can adopt a child,
Buy whale or trends,
Engage in group sex, group therapy
You can also have a blog where you're talking about your private life, however, I do not recommend this blog http://francuzwwarszawie.blog.onet.pl
In the evening palentow count how many I've seen fall asleep before the end!
try to prostitution
Build a swimming pool, others are zauwarza, you'l star
Try drugs can avail
Be the Foreign Legion, you will be there well

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